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Ross Cameron

Warrior Trading

The first thing to address is reviews I've seen indicating this is a scam. I can say with 100% confidence that there is no scam. I personally think that Ross has built an incredible educational model for the trading community. He has built a team of experts and mentors that all offer their own spin on trading and strategies. There are full courses for small caps, large caps, swing, options, crypto, forex and futures. In addition to the self-paced courses, Warrior Trading offers 2 daily chat rooms (one for large cap and another for small cap) that are staffed with team members who engage regularly with participants and offer support and advice. There is no aspect of trading that isn't discussed in the Warrior Trading program. Not to mention, hundreds of hours of recorded mentor sessions that take place daily. Ross also has a relationship with a psychologist who has regular appearances in the mentor sessions to offer a unique psychological perspective on trading. Ross has a unique style and if it isn't a fit for you, there are still several resources in Warrior Trading's program that you will find incredibly valuable.

There is a some sticker shock associated with the cost of the plans that are offered but you do seem to get what you pay for. Also, Ross regularly offers significant discounts on the annual memberships. Try contacting their support team before signing up and you are likely to get a better price.

Lastly, Ross has a support team that excels at customer service. They work hard to retain you. Ross is an aggressive marketer that turns some people off, but his courses truly do speak for themselves in terms of value.

Pricing (annual):

  • Chat: $1,797 

  • Starter: $997 (includes chat)

  • Pro: $5,997 (see below)

What you get (with Warrior Pro):

  • Daily mentor sessions

  • Chat room access

  • Self-paced courses

  • Access to a trade simulator

  • Ongoing support for questions